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We create enriching brands and interiors.

At our core, we believe that design is about more than just aesthetics; it's about reflecting our core values and shaping an enriching life. What sets us apart is our dedication to simplifying the design process as a convenient one-stop shop, with a focus on delivering quality, value, and personalized solutions, for businesses all of sizes.

We prefer a lean operation, allowing us to foster close, collaborative relationships with our clients while keeping costs in check. Our central ethos revolves around providing unwavering support, and our door is always open. We're genuinely invested in your success, and your brand's growth matters more to us than simply adding to our portfolio. Our commitment is for the long haul, dedicated to seeing your dreams flourish and come to life.

Meet the


Some Studio was founded by two lifelong friends and designers, Joshua Marroquin and Kira Matila.


Shaped by our upbringing by first-generation immigrants in the San Gabriel Valley, our design philosophy is deeply rooted in the values of hard work, craftsmanship, empathy, adaptability, and savoring the journey. Our passion for movies, travel, and sports permeates our creative process, instilling in us an appreciation for storytelling and a belief that there is no single style or approach to design, as long as it serves the narrative's purpose.

What We Stand On

Doing Good Sh*t

At Some Studio, we are dedicated to helping industry leaders perform at their best by developing high-quality brands and interiors that stay true to their values and beliefs.

Unwavering Support  

We love our clients more than your ex ever could. Some Studio provides clients with the resources and support they need to succeed, forging lasting relationships that go beyond business; our clients become part of our extended family.

Passion for the Process

We love the process of creating. From research and client interactions to design and iteration, our enthusiasm lies in the journey of learning, growing, and evolving.

Authentic Stories  

We believe in the power of research, history, culture, and personal experiences to inform our work, ensuring it reflects the rich tapestry of human stories while staying true to who you are.

Embracing the Grit

At Some Studio, we recognize that there are multiple paths to success, and we embrace the power of grit and determination that all entrepreneurs are going through.